Meet the Researchers Saying Farewell to Resource-Intensive Validation And Embracing Efficiency in their Co-Culture Experiments

  • Discover how  Dr. Jo-Ann Passmore and Dr. Brian Kullin and The Mucosal Immunology Group (MIG) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa are using Cerillo’s Co-Culture Platform to study bacterial vaginosis to address women’s health in Africa.
  • Watch our latest MicrobeMania Podcast where Dr. Alan J. Wolfe from Loyola University Chicago's Department of Microbiology & Immunology discusses groundbreaking research challenging traditional beliefs about the female urinary tract.
  • Learn how Greg Medlock, Director of Research at Vedanta Biosciences is using Cerillo’s research platform with Opentron’s lab automation system to power discovery of microbiome therapeutics.

Co-Culture Research Simplified in a Single Plate

The Co-Culture Duet's porous barrier physically isolates populations while maintaining fluidic contact enabling researchers to observe and study individual microbial populations and measure the growth of one microbial population alongside other populations.

  • Eliminates resource-intensive setup by providing an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use platform.

  • Compatible with other automation systems for freedom and flexibility.

  • Scalable, enabling high-throughput experiments for faster results and comprehensive data analysis.

  • Standardized method for easier experiment replication and comparison.