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Cerillo® Announces Partnership with Opentrons to Deliver Automated Microbiome Research Solutions

Alliance will optimize Cerillo’s Microbiome Discovery Platform with seamless integration in Opentrons’ lab automation systems

(Charlottesville, VA) January 29, 2024 – Cerillo®, a technology company developing advanced research platforms for microbiome studies, today announced a partnership with Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a leading force in lab automation. The collaboration not only grants researchers access to entry-level lab automation but also extends the reach of Cerillo's comprehensive suite of microbiome research tools, fostering standardization and efficiency in laboratory processes .

Cerillo and Opentrons are automating microbiome research and the discovery of microbiome therapeutics by seamlessly integrating Cerillo’s miniaturized Alto™ and Stratus® microplate readers onto the OT-2 and Flex for deck ELISA and cell growth analysis. This integration enables easy setup of experiments, including bacterial co­culture studies with Cerillo's Co-culture platform.

According to Eric Mayton, CEO of Cerillo, “The integration of Cerillo's products with Opentrons' platforms aligns with our mission to provide accessible, cost effective, user-friendly laboratory tools that efficiently standardize global microbiome research at the bench. Our alignment with Opentrons' open-source robotics platform sets new standards for industry efficiency.”

Cerillo's Microbiome Discovery Platform

The Cerillo Microbiome Discovery Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to tackle the challenges of microbiome research head-on. This interconnected platform introduces unprecedented efficiencies, elevating data standardization, reproducibility, and analysis of research findings. Cerillo’s innovative platform includes:

Co-Culture Duet System®: Cerillo's off-the-shelf microbial interaction platform features duets with porous barriers, allowing researchers to physically isolate populations while maintaining fluidic contact. This enables the observation, study, and growth measurement of individual microbial populations alongside others.

Miniaturized Microplate Readers: Cerillo’s compact microplate readers, like the next-generation Alto™, are ten times smaller than standard ones, perfect for monitoring measurements in tight spaces and anaerobic chambers. Alto is also Ideal for ELISA and high-throughput microbial growth curve applications.

Canopy Wireless Accessory Package: Cerillo’s revolutionary SaaS package offers wireless capabilities and robust software analytics so that researchers can experience real-time data visualization, monitoring, and wireless control of their microplate readers and scale their experiments by connecting multiple readers simultaneously.

About Cerillo

Cerillo is a technology company at the forefront of microbiome research and innovation with a mission to develop innovative solutions that enable in-depth exploration and analysis of the microbiome at the bench. The Company’s Microbiome Discovery Platform introduces unprecedented efficiencies, elevating data standardization, reproducibility, and analysis of research findings while addressing the challenges of variability in microbiome studies. Cerillo's commitment to democratizing microbiome engineering ensures accessibility, portability, scalability, and affordability, inviting researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of biological systems, methods of action, and true causation in microbiome studies.

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