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Cerillo® to Showcase Updates to its Co-Culture Duet System and Labrador Software at ASM Microbe 2024

(Charlottesville, VA) June 12, 2024 – Cerillo®, a technology company developing advanced platforms for microbial research, will introduce two significant product updates at the ASM Microbe 2024 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, June 13-17th.

The first update enhances the Company’s proprietary Co-Culture Duet System, now capable of supporting microbial, phage, and mammalian cell cultures. This expansion provides researchers with groundbreaking tools to study complex interactions within and between different types of cells.  By enabling more comprehensive and versatile experimentation, researchers can gain deeper insights into intricate biological processes, potentially leading to breakthroughs in areas such as disease modeling, drug development, and synthetic biology.

Additionally, Cerillo has made substantial improvements to its Labrador Software tailored for customers in the bioprocessing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The updated software now ensures compliance with 21CFRp11, aligning with FDA regulations for electronic records and signatures in clinical trials. Furthermore, the inclusion of an IQ/OQ Service Module offers comprehensive Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) services, meeting stringent industry standards. 

"Our latest updates to the Co-Culture Duet System and Labrador software demonstrate our commitment to empowering researchers and industry professionals with the best possible tools," said Eric Mayton, CEO of Cerillo. "These enhancements will not only streamline processes but also provide deeper insights and greater precision, driving innovation and excellence in both academic and industry settings.”

Cerillo will be exhibiting at ASM Microbe June 14-16th in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit us at Booth #727.

About Cerillo

Cerillo is a technology company providing innovative solutions and technologies for microbial research in academic, government and industrial laboratories. From early-stage discoveries to high-throughput screening, our advanced research platform facilitates precise and efficient data collection in any laboratory environment. Compact, portable, and versatile, this platform accelerates scientific discovery introducing unprecedented efficiencies, in data standardization, reproducibility, and analysis of research findings. Our commitment to accessible and affordable solutions invites researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of biological systems, methods of action, and true causation. Visit us at


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