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Cerillo® expands its research product line with Alto™ - a next-generation microplate reader for endpoint and kinetic optical density measurements

Alto’s powerful new optical system provides flexible calibration modes, accommodating a wide array of experiments including ELISA and microbial growth curves with diverse starting points and livestreaming capabilities

(Charlottesville, VA) September 19, 2023 – Cerillo®, a technology company developing advanced microbiome research platforms, today announced the launch of Alto, the company’s most advanced, portable microplate reader designed for endpoint, and kinetic optical density measurements.

Equipped with a cutting-edge optical system, Alto offers researchers unprecedented flexibility with multiple calibration modes. Whether researchers need to conduct ELISA assays or monitor microbial growth curves with various starting points, the Alto can accommodate.

"Alto is ideal for a wide spectrum of research applications, whether within the academic realm, biotechnology organizations, or big pharma," affirmed Cerillo CEO, Eric Mayton. "We believe that the availability of a compact yet robust plate reader, capable of withstanding rigorous environmental conditions, while seamlessly accommodating endpoint measurements, all for under $5,000, represents a paradigm shift for the microbiome research community."

Alto is available today in 600nm and 450nm wavelengths and can accommodate multiple microplate types including 6, 12, and 96 well plates as well as Cerillo’s newest plate for co-culture experiments. Below are some additional benefits:


Compact: Alto’s compact size is ideal for data collection in small spaces, such as shared modular benchtops, incubators, and anaerobic chambers.

Portable: Alto is uniquely simple, standalone interface and on-board data storage, enables it to collect measurements almost anywhere, with or without a computer. This portability enhances its usability and convenience.

Rugged: Alto can operate in restrictive environments that are typically too harsh for other microplate readers, ensuring its durability and reliability.

Livestreaming Capabilities: When paired with Cerillo’s wireless Canopy™ device, researchers can monitor growth curve data in real-time. The Canopy can also connect up to five microplate readers to scale experimentation and includes an annual subscription to our Labrador™ premium software.

About Cerillo

Cerillo is a technology company at the forefront of microbiome research and innovation with a mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable in-depth exploration and analysis of the microbiome.

The company’s flagship offering is a wireless device platform, which seamlessly connects microplate readers to advanced analytic software. This integration allows for real-time visualization of growth curves, providing researchers with valuable insights into the dynamics of microbial populations. By capturing and analyzing growth data as it happens, scientists can make informed decisions, accelerate research, and optimize experimental outcomes.

Cerillo’s mission is to make microbiome engineering more accessible and available to a wider range of researchers than ever before. In order to achieve this, the company is breaking down barriers to entry such as flexibility, portability, scalability, and the excessive cost of equipment. For more information visit our website


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